Written by Melanie Burton, August 9, 2016

Gaz Beadle‘s ex girlfriend and Ex on the Beach star Lillie Lexie Gregg has revealed she is still receiving death threats from fans who think she broke up Geordie Shore’s biggest couple, Gaz and Charlotte Crosby.

Lillie has been in an ongoing feud with Charlotte ever since she started dating Gaz in 2014, and even when they split in November last year, she was still receiving hate for it.

Lillie revealed to The Sun’s Facebook Live broadcast on Monday that Charlotte’s posts on social media, including her claiming that Gaz thinks Lillie is a “fame-hungry slut,” has led fans to trolling her, and sending her death threats.

She said: “To this day I do not know what I have done for her [Charlotte] to be nasty about me. I just think it’s a bit sad really as I don’t think I deserve it.

“Obviously Charlotte knows what her following is on social media and knows I’m going to get a lot of nastiness from her speaking the way she has, and obviously that’s what she wanted.


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Following her split from Gaz, Lillie tried to remain quiet as he and Char spoke to the media about their own romance and his relationship with Lillie. Eventually she decided to speak out, agreeing to appear on Ex on the Beach to give her side of the story.

“It is one of the reasons I did the show because when we broke up, for me I was always going to keep it private, as it was a sad part of my life.

“But the day we broke up there was a lot of people giving their opinion, Charlotte, Gary…I had so many nasty things thrown at me that I kept trying to deal with.

“Then it just got to the point of five, six months down the line and people were still doing stories, i.e. Charlotte and Gary and I just thought, how much of a mug am I starting to look, letting people give off this opinion of my life and what happened yet it’s not the truth at all.

“I felt that was my chance to show people that I’m just a normal person that was in a relationship that broke up and was heartbroken like normal people are and just wanted to get on with my life,” she revealed of appearing on Ex on the Beach.

“I’m really glad I did it because I think you see a side to Gary that people aren’t aware of which I think is good, and I hope that all these nasty comments that I get and all the ‘Chaz’ fans that literally send me death threats and are horrible might actually think, ‘this girl hasn’t done anything wrong, we shouldn’t really be treating her like this.’

“I had nothing to do with Charlotte and Gary not being together, that’s to do with them.”


Lillie reveals she still gets death threats

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