Written by Melanie Burton, August 8, 2016

Chantelle Connelly made serious enemies with the girls when she first stepped into the Geordie Shore pad, leaving a trail of drooling lads in her wake.

But as she exited the house, storming off set and sensationally quitting the show during filming the recent season, it seems no-one batted an eyelid.

It all came to blows when Chantelle and Gaz Beadle got into an argument after it was revealed she was cheating on her boyfriend Tommy Sayers.

“On camera she wanted people to think she was single but she was necking on with Gaz,” Marty McKenna reveals to NW.

“She had a boyfriend the whole time!” laughs Gaz. “We had one argument – her first real big argument – and she was like that’s it – I’m leaving.”

But the boys say they haven’t missed her. “Chantelle left but I don’t think anyone really cared,” says Gaz. “She never really got involved.”

Marty agrees: “She was strange, man. She’d just sit there in a conversation and say ‘I agree.’”

Somehow we don’t think there’ll be many catch-ups on the agenda for these three…


En route to Manchester! 😁❤️

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