Written by Melanie Burton, July 27, 2016

Sandra Rato may have been eliminated in Episode 5 of The Bachelor Australia last year, but the former contestant is the one laughing now – because she’s lost 12kg and is looking hotter than ever!

Yep, the bubbly P.E teacher from Season 3 has undergone a huge weight loss transformation, and she looks amazing!

Sandra reveals that she decided to get into shape after being body shamed and called ‘chubby’ by trolls.

“After coming off the show there is a lot of body shaming to deal with which is extremely unfortunate,” Sandra admits in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“There was always something written or commented about me referring to me as the biggest girl in the last year’s Bachelor series.

“A lot of time I was referred to by the public and those horrible trolls as being obnoxious and attention seeking because I was the ‘chubby’ one in the house.

“And that was the only way I could get noticed, basically saying I had low self esteem as the ‘fat’ one and I had to be loud. Which is total bull!”

Sandra reveals she lost the weight by changing up her exercise routine – doing yoga, boxing, spin classes and Zumba, as well as adopting a Mediterranean diet, which included fish and vegetables.


Sandra was known as ‘Hurricane Sandra’ on the show

You look HOT Sandra!