Written by Melanie Burton, September 29, 2016

On last night’s ep of The Bachelorette, we noticed that the boys are starting to get pretty competitive!

From flinging themselves off a trapeze, to diving into the pool to secure a spot on a group date – they stopped at nothing!

Here’s five of the most memorable moments…

1. Watching Lee do 20 push ups

Lee doing push ups was possibly the best part of the whole episode

During Lee’s single date with Georgia, they played a game of “two truths and a lie.” If he got the wrong answer, he had to do 20 push ups. Good punishment Georgia!

“Zac Efron. Brad Pitt. Chris Pratt,” she gives him as the three choices, before Lee guesses Chris Pratt as the “lie” when in fact it was Brad Pitt.

What a shame…

2. Lee and Georgia’s intense pash



After their cute push-up competition, Georgia gives Lee a rose and they kiss – using A LOT of tongue!

2. Matty J nails the trapeze single date

Little did we know Georgia used to be a trapeze instructor during her time between uni and starting her career in journalism.

She thought it would be a good idea to challenge the boys to learn trapeze in 0.5 seconds, and the winner would be the guy who impressed her the most.

When it’s Matty J’s turn, he asks her what she’s looking for, and she keeps emphasising “pointed toes!” So he says he’ll point his toes like he never has before, and lucky he did -because he won! His next challenge was to catch Georgia, and again – he nailed it.

During their alone time afterwards, we notice that the pair get along like a house on fire. Hmmm, we’ve got to keep an eye on Matty from now on!

3. Clancy dives into the pool


Sooo Courtney has the golden date card, and he gets to choose some of the guys to go on his group date.

Clancy even jumps in the pool to prove how keen he is! But he didn’t think about the microphone he just ruined, and the fact he’d have to change – into a fluffy bathrobe – for the rose ceremony. LOL!

4. Aaron and Jay go home

I’m sorry, who? We barely saw any of these boys, which obviously means they had zero connection with Georgia. Poor guys!


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