Written by Melanie Burton, October 13, 2016

Last night’s ep of The Bachelorette was labelled the “Red Wedding,” and rightly so, because it was a total blood bath!

FOUR boys were eliminated, and some of the s**t that went down literally had us sitting on the edge of our seats.

Here’s five of the BIGGEST moments!

1. Courtney got ANOTHER single date


The other boys aren’t impressed that Courtney has scored a second single date, and frankly – Courtney isn’t too excited either. WTF MATE!

Georgia whisks him off in a jet to Canberra, and they arrive at the zoo and play in the meerkat enclosure. Um, dream date right there.

After the fun and games, they head to a romantic location and drink champers – as usual. Poor Georgia just can’t get anything from Courtney, and she proceeds to tell him AGAIN that she’s super in to him, but she’s not sure if the feelings are reciprocated.

How does Courtney solve it? By kissing her of course. NO COURTNEY, THAT DOES NOT TELL HER WHETHER YOU’RE IN TO HER OR NOT!

There must be something about him though, because he still receives a rose.

2. Georgia takes Sam and Rhys on a double date to Luna Park


Sam and Rhys have had a brewing feud all season, and what better way to see it come to a head than to go on a double date with Georgia!

As they all sit around the table, Georgia asks Rhys what’s something he’s learnt about Sam while living with him. Rhys tells the camera he doesn’t want to throw Sam under the bus, but then proceeds to throw him under the bus by telling Georgia that Sam is planning to live in the USA as he just signed a modelling contract there. UM, AWKS!

Georgia then takes Sam off for some alone time, and he tells her he’s not really on the show to “find the one.” Say what? Georgia is on the show TO find the one, so she decides the two won’t really be suited, and sends Rhys packing.

3. And Sam shortly follows…


Just when we think Sam will return to the mansion and everything will be rosy, Georgia sits down to have a chat with Sam, after telling him she just sent Rhys home.

She asks Sam about this whole “moving to USA” business, and Sam tells her he’s signed to a modelling agency in Miami, and he plans to go back there ASAP to become a model/actor/TV presenter.

So basically, he’s just on the show to find fame. Already blindsided by Sam’s shock revelation, Georgia then asks him if he’s ready to find “the one,” and he admits he didn’t really come into the experience looking to find love, and “If I left this experience without you I wouldn’t be absolutely heartbroken.” OMG!

Not surprisingly, Georgia sends Sam home too.

4. Get to know Matty J


It’s cocktail party time, and Matty is banging on about how he needs more alone time with Georgia, and that he has something planned.

Cue, the “Get to know Matty J” game! He asks her three questions with multiple choice answers, and if she answers correctly then it’s a success!

The other boys watch on and comment how they helped Matty colour in the poster, LOL!

5. Todd and Matt go home


Lee, Todd and Matt are left standing at the rose ceremony, and Lee is freaking the f out that he hasn’t had much alone time with Georgia.

But not to worry Lee fans, because it was Todd and Matt who were sent home!

What an intense ep!

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