Written by Melanie Burton, September 23, 2016

Last night’s ep of The Bachelorette included the first single date, first kiss, and first boy-fight. All of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Here’s what went down…

1. Jake gets the first date with Georgia


Jake gets the first single date! They head out to the Blue Mountains where they get strapped into a harness, and just dangle in a canyon. Very inventive Bachie producers…

Later, as they sit and and talk about their feelings, and how both their mums are battling/have battled cancer, they bond real quick and then the first kiss of the series happens!

2. Group date


Soooo we were a huge fan of the choice of the first group date. The boys were dressed as cowboys and posed for Mills & Boon covers. UM YASS!

We’ve never seen so much hotness! And Georgia looked flawless as usual…

3. Rhys takes his shirt off


After Rhys reveals that he is a model for the 1000th time, it’s convenient that in his photo shoot he gets to be the one to take his shirt off and pour water all over himself.

We’re sure he was totally devo about that… NOT!

4. Rhys writes Georgia a WTF poem


So Rhys wrote Georgia a poem, AND IT’S  TERRIBLE! Poor gal had to sit through it and smile and pretend she genuinely loved it when she probs didn’t.

It went like this…

Lights, cameras. A whole production

The night we met was like in seduction

Not on your end, you were more than fine

If we had no spark, the blame was all mine

A joke. A smile. A ba dum tish

What we really need is a fun single date

I’ll be myself. I won’t compete. Like a gentleman.

Till then, I’ll wait.

5. Sam does a killer impression of Rhys


It’s no secret that Sam despises Rhys, and while he’s over reading his weird as poem to Georgia, Sam takes it as an opportunity to give him s**t in front of the boys, and do some questionable impressions of the real Harry Potter.


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