Written by Melanie Burton, June 16, 2016
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OMG!! We’ve been waiting for this day since, like, forever! And it’s finally here! Yep – The Bachelor Australia 2016 trailer has landed!

And the good news is, there’s flesh galore, with this year’s Bachie, Richie Strahan, flaunting his washboard abs for the camera.

It’s also an action-packed few minutes, with the Perth mine-worker carrying out daring stunts, like hanging from a helicopter, looking all James Bond and that.

The Bachelor Australia 2016, Richie Strahan, promo, James Bond

Needless to say, being the True Blue he is, Richie says he loved every second of making it.

“I’m an Aussie guy who loves adventure, fast cars and anything with an engine. To have spent the day hanging from helicopters, riding motorbikes and boats, I was absolutely wrapped and it certainly sums me up,” he shares.

“Plus, I now know what James Bond must go through on a daily basis looking for his Bond Girl…hopefully I have the same luck!”

Well, we’re certainly in double-oh-heaven!

Sadly, we can’t show you the full video just yet (that’s under lock and key at Channel Ten until 7.30pm tonight), but we’ll be posting it to our Facebook page the very second we can, so keep a look out!

The Bachelor Australia 2016, richie strahan, pecs,

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