Written by Melanie Burton, September 5, 2016

With The Bachelor ending in a few short weeks, prepare yourselves for The Bachelorette – which starts not long after!

Bachelorette Georgia Love is going to have a hard time narrowing these 16 lads down to one, because they all look pretty dapper!

Meet the Bachelors…


Aaron, 34, Marketing director, Qld

Aaron says…“My mum saw the ad for The Bachelorette and gave me a call to tell me I should apply, so I jumped on the computer, had a look and thought, why not? Nothing else is working!”

Dale, 29, Personal trainer, Qld

Jay, 33, Health and Wellness coach, South Australia.

Tommy, 32, Employment coach, Qld

Matty J, 29, Marketing professional, NSW

Lee, 35, Mechanical plumber, Vic

Ryan, 27, Sailing coach, WA

Jake, 30, Sales professional, NSW

Jake says…“I was approached to be on The Bachelorette, but I said yes mainly for the adventure and to hopefully find my dream girl – and Georgia is a breathtaking girl with a big heart.”

Carlos, 29, Entrepreneur, Vic

Courtney, 30, Industrial designer, NSW

Courtney says…“I need to meet the love of my life soon because I’ve always wanted a young family.”

Clancy, 29, Medical sales rep, Qld

Ben, 32, Miner, NSW

Rhys, 29, Entrepreneur, Qld

Matt D, 29, General manager of a security business, Vic

Cam, 26, Firefighter, WA

Cam says…“The biggest turn-offs in women is when they’re needy, insecure or moody, but Georgia is a confident and friendly girl who seems larger than life.”

Sam, 27, Electrician, NSW

Sam says…“I’m looking for love and I’m having trouble finding the time to. Meeting the right girl can be quite difficult, but I think Georgia could be The One.”

Meet the new Bachelorette contestants

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