Written by NW Staff, July 9, 2016
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While OTT milkshakes and greasy burgers might be the foods of the moment right now, it wasn’t always that way!

Yup, from Starbucks to Kiwifruit, all the delicious goodness we might now take for granted once had their hey day just like the hybrid foods we love today. Bacon-wrapped Oreos we’re looking at you!

Check out which food was at it’s popularity peak the year you were born – and to be honest, you’ll probably still be a fan!

WARNING: This will make you really hungry!

1980 – Ranch Dressing


Believe it or not this absolutely delish salad dressing – made with buttermilk, garlic, onion and herbs – was invented by a plumbing contractor working in the Alaskan bush in the 1950s before becoming a staple sauce in the ’80s. So random!

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