Written by Laura Wilson, July 27, 2016

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You might be caught up in Kim Kardashian‘s twitter war with Taylor Swift, but all us beauty lovers are noticing is those piecey top knots she’s sporting lately.

Exhibit A: her trip to Revolve in the Hamptons. Fresh-faced and looking hotter than ever, her hair stylist, Justine Marjan even revealed Kim’s glam was all done in a jet!

Impressive much? Using all Paul Mitchell and MarulaOil products, Justine says, “I always split the hair into two sections when I put it up because it’s easier to control the hair. I love how sexy and effortless this look is. It’s easy to recreate and who doesn’t love the way pulling the hair up makes your face look? It’s universally flattering.”

Justine created texture in the hair with Paul Mitchell Dry Wash and spray wax. She then split the hair into two sections and pulled the top section into a high ponytail first, before pulling up the bottom section and securing with a hair bungee. Leave pieces out for the loose, undone look. “Leaving out the baby hairs is an effortless nod to the ‘90s,” she said. She then used dry wax on the pony before twisting up into a top knot.

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