Written by Melanie Burton, July 2, 2016

After her painful split from Gaz Beadle, it’s great to see Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby isn’t moping around feeling sorry for herself.


Sure, she’s been drowning her sorrows getting mortal, but with her and Gaz, 28, legit dunzo, she’s got her eyes on an even hotter prize – a hot Aussie spunk!

“I just want someone who’s dead nice and got good morals,” Char, 26, exclusively tells NW of the surf-loving hunk she’s hoping to land. “Just a nice person basically!”

So now that Char’s quit the show for good, flat-out refusing to work with Gaz ever again, let’s find out what’s next for the mouthy Brit…

What does the future hold for you now that you’ve left Geordie Shore?

I never really have a long-term plan, but I’m gonna focus a lot on my fitness.

Do you think you’d ever move to Oz?

I definitely think when I’m in my mid to late 30s I will be making the move. Definitely. I just think everyone’s so laidback – the weather’s obviously a really big bonus! It’s just really nice.

You’ve said you wouldn’t mind having a camera crew following you around when you’re pregnant…

If I was pregnant and I had the opportunity, I would do a show, yeah, for sure. It’s what everyone does in the UK, so it’s not really a weird thing.

Is there anyone still on Geordie Shore that you have a crush on?

I would definitely swipe yes for Scott, because I think Scott’s really good lookin’!

It sounds weird and I would never do this, but if I didn’t know Aaron, I would swipe for him. I used to fancy Aaron for a very, very long time… Before he even came on the show, I fancied him. I don’t fancy him at all anymore, because we’re just such good friends!

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