Written by Melanie Burton, September 14, 2016

With all three remaining couples choosing to stay together in last night’s finale of Married at First Sight, it looked like it was going to be fairytale endings all round.

But apparently it didn’t last long, with a former contestant revealing that all three couples broke up shortly after!

Yep, Michael and Bella looked totally in love pre-decision day, but Michael admitted he wasn’t sure whether Bella wanted to live with him, which was a bit of a dealbreaker.

In the end, they both told each other they “150 per cent” wanted to continue their relationship.

Monica said she had to think a lot about whether to stay in her relationship with Mark, but in the end, they too agreed to keep things going – sealing the deal with a fist bump!

As for Nicole and Keller, it was touch and go for while, what with her being unimpressed with his drinking sessions. She expressed her disappointment to Keller, before saying, “I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to put up with me for a little bit longer!”


Nicole and Keller chose to continue their relationship at the end of the experiment, but apparently it didn’t last long…

All’s well that ends well? Not exactly!

Soon after the credits rolled, outspoken ex-contestant Clare Verrall slated the show – claiming that all the couples broke up just weeks after filming ended!

What’s more, she revealed that some of them have already moved on with new partners…

Clare went on a Twitter rant last night after viewers started questioning why there was no ‘three month follow up’ on the couples’ progress.

“EVERYONE, there is no 3 month catch up as they all broke up within weeks. Many of them have new partners now & can’t wait to move on,” Clare wrote on Twitter.

“Lol, takes a bow. Awaits legal letters from Channel9 tomorrow which I will promptly throw in my file for them,” she continued.

“Every time I speak the truth, even out of contract I receive threatening legal letters from 9.”

Clare’s comments come as a reality check to viewers, who were captivated by the drama surrounding each couple – especially in the finale!

Monica and Mark acted more like brother and sister on the show, so we weren’t sure what decision these two would come to. And while we love Nicole and Keller, they kept us guessing until the end, with Nicole admitting she didn’t know whether she could trust her husband after he broke his promise after the dinner party that it would “never happen again.”

When Keller walked into the room on D-day, he looked like he was going to vom. He told Nicole it would be “crazy for us not to continue,” and she then pulled him along for a bit, stopping the nation’s hearts simultaneously.

Real or not, one thing’s for sure – we already can’t wait for the next season!

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