Written by Melanie Burton, June 17, 2016

We’re super excited about Offspring coming back to our screens in a few short weeks, after we all thought the season five finale in 2014 spelled the end of the show! Everything seemed to be wrapped up, there were no cliffhangers, and we were sure we’d never see the Proudman family again. We were in tears.

But we were wrong. The lovely producers have graced us with season six! But first, let’s recap on how season five ended.

Nina decides she’s going to keep working at St. Francis hospital, and she was going to give her relationship with Leo a go. It was also her daughter Zoe’s first birthday, which meant it had also been one year since the death of Zoe’s father, Dr. Patrick Reid.

Billie was ready to set off to London with Mick when she made a last minute decision to call Thomas at the airport to make sure he would look after Nina for her. But then, he tells her he had a wife and new baby, which in turn made Billie miss her flight. Billie decides to stay in Melbourne to help Nina raise Zoe.

The closing scene was a family photo on baby Zoe’s birthday, included close-ups of all the main characters and a glimpse of Patrick’s ghost. ALL THE FEELS!

But this season, we can expect more DRAMA!

The Proudman family are shaken after an unexpected event, and a shocking family secret will be exposed!

And that’s not all, a mystery man by the name of Will Bowen will sweep Nina off her feet, and change EVERYTHING – including the dynamics of the Proudman family!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new season to get you back in the Offspring groove!

Who is the mystery man in Nina’s life?!

Season six premieres Wednesday June 29 at 8:30pm on TEN.

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