Written by Melanie Burton, August 4, 2016

Let’s talk about what happened on Episode 3 of The Bachelor last night…

Megan and Richie’s date

Of course, Keira was pissed off that she didn’t get a single date – AGAIN.

Although she needn’t worry, the date was barely the stuff of dreams – but instead something out of a nightmare.

Megan and Richie were hanging from a crane on a see-through platform suspended over the water at sunrise.

Yep, cute idea Richie, but scary AF.

The second part of the date sees them on a couch in a random house with not much going on, but Richie assures her that there’s “so many things to look at.”

Richie reaches for a rose, and then it happens. The awkward AF kiss and miss.


The kiss and miss!

Group date time

It’s a Roller Derby date! The teams? The Crushers and Bangers n Smash!

How are these women meant to impress Richie when they’re wearing huge inflatable sumo suits?!

Keira instantly claims that any girl who says they like sport is lying – which is sorta true.

Of course, the team that Keira isn’t on wins, and their prize is a ‘street party,’ and chats with Richie on some milk crates.

There’s food trucks and fairy lights and ice cream and champagne, pretty much a dream come true for wannabe-princess Janey.

Richie has brief conversations with each of the girls, and he discovers that Janey doesn’t like sport or competition, and Tolyna doesn’t like to open up. Well that’s not very helpful Tolyna!


The roller derby date was awkward AF

Rose ceremony

All of a sudden we’re at the rose ceremony, and shit hits the fan when Richie takes Alex up to the secret hideaway without her even having to use her white rose!

Ohhhh shit!

After a few more minutes of handing out rose by rose and giving the girls multiple heart attacks, it’s down to the final four.

Eliza, Janey, Tolyna and Tiffany.

Richie saves cray-cray singing lady Eliza and sends home Janey, Tolyna and Tiffany.

🙁 🙁


Tolyna, Tiffany and Janey are sent home