Written by NW Staff, August 11, 2016

Drake‘s old man, also known as Dennis Graham or @therealdennisg, released his debut single and music video Kinda Crazy on TMZ and Apple Music yesterday.

The 60-year-old is set to follow up the launch of his single with a whole album, having been given the seal of approval from his 29-year-old rapper son. Onya, Drake!

Jamie has gotten to know both Drake and now his dad, having worked earlier this year with the rapper on his fourth studio album Views.

Dennis released a sneak-peek from his music video on Instagram, where he’s wearing a white suit, complete with bling – as he stands in front of a huge throne surrounded by smoke. As you do…

@therealdennisg Instagram teaser…

I want all my family and friends to check out my single and video which will be debuting on TMZ tomorrow it’s here @applemusic thanks to everyone who made it possible @nikeishaanderssonfilms @dustinque @[email protected]@rocktopics (KINDA CRAZY)@Feliciaelinoreweeren

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In another preview, Dennis is seen sitting on the throne, whilst a blonde beauty dances to his opening lyrics “It’s kinda crazy, but I feel you underneath my skin.” Yikes!

However, this isn’t the first time we have seen Drake’s dad do his own thing in the music business. He previously worked alongside country music star Jerry Lee Lewis as his drummer.

What’s more, music legend Larry Graham is Dennis’ brother, making him Drake’s uncle. Dennis confirmed he used to take a young Drake to his uncle’s recordings at the famous Royal Studios, where the likes of Al Green have recorded.

Before his lyric game was strong, Papa Drake said: “Appleville, which is Shelby Drive and Nealy, that’s where we always came to… I used to hold him in my office, while I played the piano… I told him, I said ‘Drake, you got a beautiful voice.'”

So now we know where Drake got his love for music…

drakes dad

Credit: Dennis Graham Instagram

Best of luck Papa Drake!


Written by Isobel Cootes.

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