Written by Melanie Burton, September 5, 2016
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Food and dogs are the two things people love most on Instagram, right?

Well you better check out the account @DogsWhoBrunch, because it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever see! Dogs + brunch = yes please!

“We [my husband and I] originally set up the hashtag with our own rescue beagle while looking for spots to have brunch in New York,” the anonymous founder of the account told Daily Mail Australia.

“I started using the hashtag #dogswhobrunch when we snapped pictures of her at brunch, or I would see another dog at a restaurant. It ended up morphing into a full-blown Instagram account last summer.”

The rule for a pup to be on the page is that they have to be next to food or drink, and have the hashtag #dogswhobrunch.

Here’s some of the cuties featured on the page so far… You’re welcome!


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