Written by Melanie Burton, June 6, 2016

Notorious for his anger issues and controlling ways with partner Tallena, Seven Year Switch contestant Brad has now been called out by former friend Andrew Moore – who claims the reality star “lied” about having esophageal cancer! WTAF?!

Back in 2006, Brad – who went by the name Doug at the time – reportedly told work mate Andrew that he’d been given the shock diagnosis. But Andrew started getting suspicious when after three months, Brad was still smoking!

“It made me feel betrayed and really sick. Obviously he didn’t have it – he has no scars around his throat from surgery, he was the picture of health the whole time,” Andrew tells New Idea.


Brad was known for his controlling ways with Tallena during the show

And the plot thickens…

“Brad said: ‘If anyone asks about the cancer, can you tell them you drove me to my treatment and waited with me at the hospital,'” adds Andrew.

And he wasn’t the only suspicious one, revealing he later received a text from a stranger urging him to confront Brad about the alleged cancer.

Then when confronted, Brad allegedly became very defensive, and argued that he was simply taking a low dose of medication.


“I have people in my life who have died from cancer. It’s wrong for anybody to have the nerve to lie about it,” adds Andrew, who also reckons Brad’s taken advantage of girlfriends, once dating four girls at the same time, and borrowing $1,000 from one of them, only to never see her again.

When approached by New Idea, Brad strongly denied the allegations, but Andrew still reckons Brad’s wife Tallena should “run in the other direction.”


Train your mind to only see the positives in every situation. Having to cop the backlash of Brad’s ‘character’ and be labeled as a women basher, we were both struggling, upset, angry and depressed. We didn’t even want to show our faces in public. But it’s now our time to tell our story, hence the Insta account. Those with tiny minds who choose to believe what they saw on a ‘reality’ tv show, a small glance into our relationship, need not follow or comment. We have no time for negative minds. For those of you that have been amazingly supportive you do not go un noticed. You help us fight stronger every day and we thank you!We are strong, together we fight, you ain’t seen nothing yet ???????????? #fighters #thetruthwillcomeout #onlyamatteroftime #watchusgrow #lovealwaysprevails #truthbetold #picoftheday #instagood #instalove #sevenyearswitch

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Tallena posted this to her Insta shortly after news came out that the couple are in therapy after the show

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