Written by Melanie Burton, June 24, 2016

Having only split from Tyga like five minutes ago, Kylie Jenner has already found herself another man – OVO rapper PartyNextDoor.

Although the pair have been hanging out quite a bit over the past few weeks, neither of them have commented on their relationship.

But, appearing in a new music video for one of PND’s songs Come and See Me, they might have just confirmed that they’re a real thing.

In the video, Kylie plays the leading lady in a story about a guy who is constantly making his lover visit him at all hours of the night. She waits by her phone waiting to hear from PND, who is at a party with his ‘crew.’

BUT, as she gets ready to go and meet him, he appears at her door and they have a steamy makeout sesh – in the rain, natch!


Kylie and PND get VERY steamy in the clip

This isn’t the first time Kylie has appeared in one of PND’s music videos. She’s previously made an appearance with sister Kendall Jenner in his Recognize video, and also in another one of his tracks with Drake. And remember when she starred in her ex-boyf Tyga’s Stimulated music video over a year ago? She’s defs not shy, that’s for sure!

A source recently told E! News that the pair haven’t ‘put a title’ on their relationship yet.

“Kylie and PND are still dating. They are super attracted to each other. Kylie is really into PND, and it’s taken her mind completely off Tyga.

“Kylie is happy right now, she feels very drama free without the constant arguing with Tyga. It was always so up and down and with PND it’s very laid back. She likes that a lot,” the insider reveals.


Well by the looks of it, things are getting pretty hot between them!

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