Written by Melanie Burton, June 1, 2016

Sure, we’ve seen bits of the Playboy Mansion on TV, but have you ever wondered what the rest of it looks like?

We have! And now our creepy prayers have been answered with Hugh Hefner’s current wife Crystal Harris – who married Hef in 2012 – giving Mode Brash cameras the grand tour of the infamous pad – including access to its ‘secret rooms.’ Ooooh!

“Welcome to this amazing place that I call home. I cannot wait to show you around,” Crystal is shown saying as she opens the door to the house we first got to see in the reality show, Girls Next Door.

First up is the Great Hall. “[This is] where everyone kind of comes in. It’s the central meeting place. This entryway leads to all the different rooms of the mansion,” Crystal says.


The Great Hall

Then it’s onto the nooks and crannies that the public don’t normally get to see. Sadly, it’s not a sex dungeon she takes the camera too, but a run-of-the-mill movie room. BORING!

“We screen a lot of movies here, from silent movies to new releases,” she says. “It is very cosy and comfortable in here.”

“On some nights when we watch silent movies, we are very fortunate to have them played for us…” Moving on.


The movie room

The next room has a secret entry, with one of the studs on the wall opening the door to reveal a set of stairs that lead to a secret wine room. TAKE ME THERE!!!

Crystal admits that Hef has collected hundreds and hundreds of bottles over the years, and even shows off some bottles of Selvarey rum that Bruno Mars sent him for Christmas. There’s also quite a few bottles of Jack Daniels,  some of which are marked HMH — for Hugh Marston Hefner only – natch.


The secret wine room

From there, it’s onto the Playboy library. Sounds dull, but stick with it.

As well as books, blah and blah, there’s a windowsill packed full of snaps of ladies past and present.

“[There are] photos everywhere. Current wives, past wives, past girlfriends. Everyone just hangs out in here together apparently,” says Crystal, sounding non-too impressed about the whole thing.


The library

The games room is the last room in the house that we get to see. Crystal’s into it.

“It is one of my favorite places in the whole house,” she reveals.


The games room

Outside floats our boat a whole heap more though. There’s a pool! And a grotto! And zoo animals! And frickin monkeys!

“I love these monkeys so much. And they have the time of their lives just hanging out all day, playing with their friends,” she says as they climb on her.


The grotto

And there you have it people, the inside of the Playboy mansion!

We’re not sure if the tour was an idea to advertise the estate, which Hef put the estate up for sale for $200 million in January, after buying it back in 1971 for a bargain price of $1 million!

Either way – we love ourselves some house porn!

Crystal Hefner shows us through the Playboy mansion!

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