Written by Melanie Burton, May 17, 2016

For those of us who weren’t action-movie Marvel fans before, Chris Hemsworth sure turned us into die-hards when he played the muscly God of Thunder in the Avengers movie franchise, which made millions in the box office. Swoon.

And now, it appears that even his voice is making millions, after figures show that his voice over in the latest Tourism Australia campaign is doing more for tourism than the legendary David Attenborough was!

Yep, according to The Daily Telegraph, Chris’s involvement as the voice over, which he reportedly received $450,000 for, has generated 2000 media stories, equalling $55 million in marketing dollars. Yikes, that’s one pricey voice!

Poor old David’s Great Barrier Reef documentary series only inspired over 900 stories, equalling about $5.3 million.


David’s Great Barrier Reef series

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan saying the campaign has been a huge hit in the United States and even more in China.

“No-one sells Australia or tells the story about Australia better than Australians,” he told the newspaper. True, and none more so than hottie Chris.

Chris made an appearance at the Tourism Australia launch in New York in January, where he spoke about his love of the surf in Byron Bay where he lives with wife Elsa Pataky and their three kiddies, after splashing out $7.2 million on a property there in September 2014.

“Elsa loved it here … and we came up to this part of the world, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, and fell in love with it and that was part of the reason why we came back,” he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.“It was because of how she felt of it and because she’s the boss.” Yasss!

That’s it Chris, continue luring tourists Down Under with that sexy voice of yours! It’s impossible to resist!

The Tourism Australia advert

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