Written by Melanie Burton, August 31, 2016

Chris Brown is in trouble with the law, again.

It all started when former beauty queen Baylee Curran placed a call to 911 at around 3am on Tuesday, alleging that Chris had pointed a gun at her during an argument at his California mansion.

Police arrived at the property with a search warrant and after multiple attempts of asking Chris to open the door, they eventually broke in themselves.

Chris reportedly shouted “come and get me” and allegedly threw a bag containing drugs, a gun and other weapons out the window as officers began to circle his property.

Now it’s been revealed that after an 11-hour standoff, he finally surrendered, emerging out of the house and sitting on the ground while police officers stood nearby.

Baylee Curran alleges that Chris pulled a gun on her

Police are said to be interviewing people who were inside his home. “We’re getting the cooperation of everyone that came out,” LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez said.

LAPD Deputy Chief Bob Green describes the standoff between Chris and police as “long and protracted.”

Baylee appeared on TMZ Live and claimed she had partied with Chris in the past, and was at his house on Tuesday with a friend.

She explained that she and her friend were outside in the spa, and when they walked back inside, one of Chris’s friends was showing off a piece of jewellery.

Baylee says as she began to admire it, the guys reportedly went “nuts” before Chris demanded that she “get the f*** out” while allegedly pointing a gun at her. Yikes!

Baylee claims that Chris looked to be “on drugs or alcohol” at the time.

Chris has taken to Instagram to rant about the situation…

It’s no secret that Chris has been in trouble with the law multiple times in recent years, beginning with his conviction for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Police are also reported to have been called to Chris’s property at least five times this year.

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