Written by Delaney Loane, September 8, 2016
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A new Kylie Jenner hair hue is usually nothing new as Miss Jenner changes the shade of her strands like us mere mortals change outfits.

However, it looks like this time Ky’s platinum locks are here to stay – for a little while at least, as instead of experimenting with wigs as usual, Kylie has coloured her own tresses, confirming to fans on Snapchat that the startling blonde shade is all her natural hair.

Wondering about the inspiration behind this sudden change?

It turns out Kylie is modelling her new look after big sis Kourtney – she posted a pic of Kourt’s lighter locks just a few days before the shade change. Have to see it to believe it?

Scroll through to see Kylie’s blonde locks for every angle!


Day 2

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