Written by NW Staff, November 12, 2016
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Find out how these reality beauties lost their junk in their trunk!

Sam – ‘I train five days a week’

Just hearing about Sam Frost’s exercise routine makes us tired. “[Sam does] Tabata work and timed workouts with exercises such as jumping lunges, burpees, jackknife push-ups, squats and presses, and chin-ups,” her trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson reveals.

“She trains five days a week – three days of weights and two days of cardio.” But it was always going to take commitment to shed the 12 kilos she gained in the mansion.

“In the house, we did absolutely nothing – we just sat around eating the whole time,” the 27-year-old explains. “I’m really proud of myself… I worked so hard and it’s not easy!”

Hey, hard work pays off, Sam!

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