Written by Melanie Burton, June 20, 2016

Earlier this month, Charlotte Crosby announced she was leaving Geordie Shore – and you’ll never guess who her replacement is!

None other than ex cast-mate and best friend Sophie Kasaei!

And while Char’s probably kicking herself, Sophie – who left the show in 2013 – couldn’t be happier! “Sophie can’t wait to return to Geordie Shore, it’s a dream come true for her,” a friend tells The Sun.

“She didn’t think it would ever happen but the Geordie Shore cast are like family to her and she can’t wait to be reunited with them it’s just a shame Charlotte won’t be there.”

Sophie was one of Geordie Shore’s original cast members before she was kicked off the show at the end of series seven in 2013, after she was allegedly heard saying: “I hate n****s.”

At the time, an insider said: “Apparently Sophie was caught using the n-word. The show bosses were made aware of what she is alleged to have said and they kicked her off the programme. She is devastated.”

She was replaced by her cousin Marnie Simpson – who is now a favourite on the show.

And it looks like there’s going to be drama brewing before she even enters the house, because Sophie’s not happy with Charlotte’s ex Gaz Beadle.

“Sophie is really not happy about the way Gaz has treated her best mate. She was shocked to learn he had cut her off while she was dealing with her ectopic pregnancy on her own,” an insider spilled.

“He only made things worse in her eyes as he continued to party without a care in the world when the news broke.”


Sophie and Charlotte back in 2012 

Grab the popcorn, because s*** is about to go down!

Charlotte opens up about her ectopic pregnancy

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