Written by Melanie Burton, October 4, 2016

Charlotte Crosby isn’t one to hold back when it comes to telling the world what she thinks, and this time, she’s unleashed on TV presenter Lorraine Kelly during a Facebook Live interview with In The Style.

Yep, the potty-mouthed reality star called Lorraine a “b****” on Monday, after a fan asked her which celebrity she hated the most.

The pair butted heads last year when Lorraine had Char on her TV show while she was promoting her book, grilling her for her bed-wetting antics on Geordie Shore.

“Lorraine Kelly is a b***h. I went on her morning show and she was so horrible to us. She didn’t even just be horrible in one answer, she continued and continued,” Char said in the FB live interview.

“Hate is a strong word so I strongly dislike her. I would never go on her show again. It was c**p.”

Lorraine slammed Char on her show, asking her: “You started when you were 20. Looking back at that girl, who was called Charlotte the harlot and wet herself on television, do you kind of go ‘Ohh, eek!’ because people make mistakes, but all your mistakes are there?”

Charlotte calls Lorraine a “b***h” and DGAF!

Charlotte replied: “I don’t – I still do all of them things Lorraine, I go ‘Oh, not again!,'” before Lorraine asked: “You’re not embarrassed? Not even when you wet yourself on telly?”

Charlotte insisted she wasn’t, and that wetting the bed was “so normal now,” before Lorraine shot back: “No, it’s not. It really isn’t. It’s not normal.”

Trying to justify the weird admission, Char said: “I can understand if people don’t like it” – to which Lorraine interrupted: “Can I say to you, a lot of people don’t. I don’t. I really don’t.”

But Char wasn’t going to let Lorraine win, spitting back: “I agree that some people don’t like it, but a lot of people laugh at it and I don’t do it on purpose, it’s purely because it’s an accident.

“I’m not the type of person who sits and worries about things, I live life to the fullest and I don’t stop for a second and think about people who I don’t know [and] what their opinions are. As long as my friends and family still love me and accept me for who I am, that’s all that I care about.”

You go girl!

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