Written by Melanie Burton, September 15, 2016


The sixth season finale of Game of Thrones left viewers with an endless amount of questions – like – what the hell happened to Gendry since we last saw him in season three?!

Well according to The Wrap, a fan photo emerged of Joe Dempsie – who plays Gendry – getting off a plane in Northern Ireland, where GOT is filmed. WOT?!

Fans are convinced he’s coming back, because he doesn’t have any other work commitments there at the moment. He could just be visiting friends… but NO!


We’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten who Gendry is, because A LOT has happened between then and now!

In season three, Davos sent him off in a row boat so that Melisandre couldn’t send him to Dragonstone to be a “royal blood” sacrifice for Stannis.

When he didn’t come back in season four, or five, or six, fans joked that he’s probably somewhere in Westeros, still rowing…LOL!

If Gendry is indeed back, what will he be doing?!

Stay tuned!

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