Written by Melanie Burton, May 10, 2016

Following the release of Cameron Diaz‘s The Longevity Book2DayFM‘s Rove & Sam caught up with the star to discuss pretty much, everything.

Firstly, Rove asks Cameron why she was inspired to write a book about aging – something that’s not usually seen in a positive light.

“I realised that people didn’t understand what aging was, and then I realised I actually didn’t understand what aging was, so I went and did a little research to find out what aging really is on a cellular level, and it’s pretty cool,” she said. Onya Cam!

The radio duo then asked her what she loves about her rocker hubby Benji Madden, who’s currently in Australia filming The Voice.

“He’s just my favourite person, and we just have a blast together and I’m just really lucky that I found him.”

“There’s no one with a bigger heart. He’s got such a light, and he’s so loving and so generous, funny, and smart, there’s just so many things I love about him, and he’s just the most genuine person that I’ve ever known.” OMG OUR HEARTS!

So are there any kids on the cards? Well unfortunately, Cam doesnt give much away…

“We have so many children in our lives we get to watch and grow up to become people!” Cameron says. But what about your own kiddies guys?!

Hmm, we’ll be on bump watch that’s for sure!!!


Interview credit: Rove & Sam for Breakfast on 2Day FM 104.1

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