Written by Frances Kindon, June 16, 2016

Boy, oh boy, it looks like Calvin Harris is pissed!!

He only split from Taylor Swift two weeks ago, and already she’s snogging the face of actor Tom Hiddleston – the same guy she flirted her socks off at the Met Gala with, even though she was still with the Scottish DJ.

And Cal’s not one to take being burned quietly – remember when he banned Rita Ora from performing any of the tracks they made together after their 2014 split?

Yep, he’s unfriended Tay and deleted all reference to his ex on social media, which of course, means he’s legit furious!


All the happy snaps that were once on their social media accounts

He’s even deleted the nice tweet he wrote about their breakup, which read, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”

And he’s posted what can only be described as an obvious dig at the sitch, tweeting, ‘Oh boy it’s about to go down.”


Cal’s cryptic tweet

So what gives? After all, according to the rumour mill, it was Cal who dumped Tay in the first place?

Well, friends say timing is everything, and he’s mega suss about the speed at which she’s moved on.

Tay’s moved on at lightning speed!

“The timing of this looks very bad for Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the video of them dancing together,” says a pal.

“But it feels pretty disrespectful to be moving on to someone so public so quickly.”

Tay and Tom flirted up a storm at the Met Gala

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