Written by Melanie Burton, August 25, 2016

Britney Spears sure has had a lot happen in her 34 years of life, and now Lifetime are making a movie about her.

Yep, on Wednesday, the network revealed exciting news that a biopic on the pop star is on the way, and actress Natasha Bassett will play the role of Brit in the two-hour film.

Titled Britney, the movie will tell the tale of Britney’s rise to fame at a young age, her troubled years, and her return to the spotlight.

Not to mention her relationship with Justin Timberlake, her failed marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline, and a dark time in her life – when she shaved her head.

The announcement comes just two days before the release of Britney’s long anticipated ninth studio album Glory. 

Brit’s definitely at the top of her game at the moment. She’s got a hot new bod, a new album, is performing at Sunday’s MTV VMAs, AND will appear on the upcoming episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. YASS GIRL!

Here’s a teaser for Britney in Carpool Karaoke

The executive producer of Britney, Jesse Ignjatovic, is excited for what the pop star has lined up.

“To have her in such great form with a huge hit, she’s super relevant and current — I think the young people watching MTV now are as connected to her as they were back in the TRL days,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

The biopic will be directed by Leslie Libman, written by Anne-Marie Hess, and produced by Asylum Entertainment.

Britney goes into production next month, as is set for a 2017 premiere.


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