Written by Melanie Burton, July 15, 2016

Louis Tomlinson‘s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Briana Jungwirth has lashed out at his current girlfriend Danielle Campbell on Twitter, and it’s nasty!

After pictures emerged of Louis and Danielle at the beach with six-month-old son Freddie Reign, Briana took to Twitter to post a scathing tweet…

Briana wrote: ‘You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother.’

After facing a tonne of criticism on social media since the birth of Freddie, Briana hit back at haters with a lengthy post earlier in the month.

She wrote: ‘To all those who feel the need to make disparaging, hateful and inappropriate comments concerning me and my son Freddie – I am sincerely sorry that you all have chosen to focus your time and attention on my life and the life of my son.

“Surely you must have better things to do than pry into the personal life of a single mom and newborn child. I am a proud new mother that is extremely joyous about my child being in this world and have shared that joy with my friends and family on a daily basis – often times through social media.

“However, that does not give anyone the right, or an invitation to be nasty and disparaging towards me. So, please stop prying into the private and personal facts of my life and my son’s life in order to weave stories and peak public interest. (sic)’

Briana’s tweet comes just weeks after it was reported that her and Louis’ custody battle over Freddie was sparked by Briana’s jealousy over Danielle.

A friend close to Briana said: ‘When Louis started dating Danielle, Briana was upset and that’s when the drama started. Briana really tried to make the relationship work, and she became jealous when he moved on.

Louis is seeking joint custody of Freddie, after Briana reportedly refused to let him see his son because she didn’t want him around Danielle.

Briana had apparently complained of their five-month-old son ‘smelling like perfume’, and was worried about the security of herself and Freddie, because she thinks Danielle is ‘nothing more than a crazed fan who now knows her home address and gate security code.’


Briana and Louis welcomed Freddie in January

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