Written by Melanie Burton, June 21, 2016

Selma Blair has been rushed to hospital following her drunken outburst on a flight from Cancun to Los Angeles yesterday.

The actress was allegedly seen mixing alcohol and prescription medication during her flight, and according to eyewitnesses, she was crying and ranting:  “He burns my private parts,” “He won’t let me eat or drink,” “He beats me,” and “He’s going to kill me.” Yikes!

It’s not known who she was referring to, but it sounds scary!

Selma Blair has been rushed to hospital

The pilot reportedly called LAX to inform them that a passenger was having an episode, and to have medical waiting for her when they arrived.

“She was met by paramedics at LAX as soon as her plane arrived,” a witness says.

Another onlooker tells People: “It looks like she had taken a combination of prescription medication with alcohol. We don’t know what sort of prescription medications.”

Selma had flown to Mexico four days earlier with four-year-old son Arthur Saint, to celebrate Father’s Day weekend with her ex and Arthur’s dad, Jason Bleick.


Selma shared this snap as they left for Mexico

Stay tuned.

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