Written by Ally Sutton, November 27, 2016
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Slaying the runways with her bangin’ bod and genetically blessed looks, Jesinta Campbell is pretty much our guru for looking and feeling fab!

But the Sydney-based Queenslander – who wed AFL star Lance “Buddy” Franklin in secret on November 4 – is the first to admit that she puts in the work, crediting her ripped rig, glowing skin and healthy locks to her clean, lean way of life.

“For me, being healthy is like a puzzle, with many different pieces that need to come together to create the full picture,” Jesinta explains in her new book Live
A Beautiful Life.

“Being healthy means keeping fit, eating right, getting enough sleep and, of course, looking after my mind and mental wellbeing. It’s about finding the right balance.”

And while looking as gorgeous as Jesinta, 25, seems impossible, it turns out living like the former Miss Universe Australia is surprisingly easy, even for us mere mortals. Sign us up, stat!


Working it all out

Exercise is basically a full-time job for Jesinta, but that doesn’t mean she works out every day. While she does cardio and strength training like boxing and Pilates from Monday to Friday – anything to make her sweat! – weekends can be all about relaxing runs or even a day off!

“I have learnt to incorporate rest and recovery into my training schedule by structuring my workouts in a very simple way,” she writes in her book.

“I work out hard one day, have an active recovery every alternate day and a full day of rest once or twice a week.”

And her fave workout? “I love boxing!” says Jesinta, revealing that her training has her up before 6am most mornings.

“It works every part of your body.”


Brain food

Jesinta doesn’t just rely on food and fitness to stay on top of her health game, with the model-turned-author revealing mental health is a really important factor in living a “beautiful” life – especially given her hubby Buddy has publicly battled with mental illness.

“A big part of being healthy is awareness of your mental health,” says JC, recommending everyone make it a top priority to check in and seek professional help when needed.

Hear, hear!

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