Written by Ally Sutton, August 7, 2016
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While the prospect of a cake tasting thrills us to our core, bride-to-be Kate Upton can’t say the same!

The model-actress has cut down on sweets ahead of her nuptials to baseball star Justin Verlander, and it’s working a, er, treat. Just look at her!

“She’s been great about limiting sugar,” says Kate’s trainer Ben Bruno. “She doesn’t crash diet, doesn’t do fasting or cleanses. It’s just very sensible, healthy eating.”

And it’s ensuring her famous curves are lovelier than ever!

Why does it work?

Ever vow to only have a handful of M&M’s then proceed to down the whole pack? Us, too! That’s because sugar is addictive and leaves you wanting more – to your waistline’s detriment!

“Added sugars pack non-nutritive calories into foods and can lead to weight gain,” says Dr Jason Block of Harvard Medical School. In fact, simply cutting out 840 kilojoules of sugar a day could see you lose up to 4.5kg in six months without trying! Even more if you chow like Kate, 24, does!

What does Kate eat?

“She really limits sugar, gets protein with every meal, and has cut down on alcohol,” explains Ben. Eating protein-rich foods like chicken, fish, turkey and quinoa helps balance blood sugar, while water and fibre-rich plant-based bites work to give you a flat tum.

Kate’s also obsessed with fruit-and veg-loaded salads! If these seem less than appealing in frost-bitten parts of Oz right now, reach for soup instead – it’s an easy way to up your
vegie intake, a la Kate, without sacrificing heartiness.

Kill sweet cravings

Yep, they’ll likely strike, so help yourself say no with tasty spices like blood-sugar-balancing cinnamon and cardamom, fruits like berries, and healthy, appetite-suppressing fats found in olive oil, nut butters and avocado.

And it doesn’t have to be boring! Kate keeps things interesting with yummy healthy recipes to keep her away from the vending machine.

We dive into Kate’s pantry to see just how she does it…

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