Written by Ally Sutton, August 21, 2016
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As a pro dancer, Julianne Hough’s body is her living – and boy, does she take care of business! The fit star has some of the best abs in Hollywood, thanks to her intense workouts and super-nutritious diet.

“Being on tour requires every last drip of energy I’ve got,” Jules says. “After a high-intensity performance, it’s important to keep my body properly fuelled with efficient foods.”

But even the most disciplined diva can quiver at the thought of being filmed in a bikini. So when Jules was told she had to appear in her swimmers in a matter of weeks for her 2013 flick Safe Haven, even this slim stunner had to get serious fast.

J Hough 2

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Her slimming schedule

“I went from eating everything in sight to cutting out carbs, salt, sugar and alcohol,” the hottie, 28, reveals.This is a tried and tested technique for anyone hopingto cut a size.

Carbs and saltcan cause water retention, while alcohol encourages the body to store up fattening foods – like sugar – while it works to eliminate the booze. But Julianne didn’t starve herself, either.

What did she eat?

“Instead, I filled up on lotsnof proteins like eggs, fish and chicken, plus tonnes of vegies and more water than you can imagine,” adds Jules.

“I was still eating – a lot, even! But I was eating clean.” In the end, her tough routine got her camera-ready, and she’s still just as devoted to healthy living now.

And while Jules needs to look amazing for her job, we can all learn a thing or two from her shining example. Read on for her hot-bod plan…

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