Written by Ally Sutton, September 17, 2016
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Break out the bikini and crack open the unscreen, because the weather’s warming up at last!

But if winter’s indulgences have you feeling like wearing a muumuu right now, never fear – there’s still time to tighten your tum for summer!



charlotte crosby

Ex-Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby dropped several dress sizes by completely overhauling her lifestyle, and now works out five times a week and sticks to protein-rich food to maintain her fit figure.

To keep the jelly belly at bay, the UK reality star says, “I do high intensity training, so it’s short bursts of really hard and fast exercise, which tends to work for me.” Needless to say, she’s also had to ditch her beloved McDonald’s and alcoholic beverages!


A front bulge can be a sign of visceral fat – aka the stuff that accumulates around the organs – which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

It can be hereditary – thanks, ’rents! – but it can also be the result of lifestyle factors and hormones.


To lose the pot belly, you need to shed weight and get your hormones under control by getting enough sleep, staying active and following a healthy diet.

“Your body starts to produce more insulin as you age, since your muscle and fat cells aren’t responding to it properly,” says obesity expert Dr Louis Aronne of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.

Food Swaps



Choose probiotic-rich versions like Chobani’s range, because stomach bacteria has been shown to play a strong role in weight management.



Our fave brown goo is loaded with salt and sugar, while the chickpeas in hummus are high in fibre and protein.

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