Written by Melanie Burton, April 8, 2016
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Eat your way to sexy with the power-packed nutritional treasures Tinseltown’s hottest are going crazy over!
From the easily accessible to those harvested from the mud in a South American jungle, if a food packs a nutritional punch, celebs want it! Whether you’re after healthy skin, weight loss, a better body or loads of, ahem, energy, here’s what Hollywood’s fitspo icons wolf down to get the most bang for their bite.



Who loves it?

“I start the day with oatmeal with vanilla almond milk. If I don’t, I’m dying by noon and eating everything in sight,” reveals Kaley Cuoco, who says she lost 2.7kg for her Shape magazine cover shoot by eating “eggwhites, almonds [and] air” for three months. OK, the last bit was obvs a joke, but the results of The Big Bang Theory star’s almond-rich diet are no laughing matter.

Why’s it super?

The humble almond is loaded with fibre, protein and healthy fats – making it a sixpack’s BFF!


Spread almond butter on your apples and toast to shake up snack time. It’s high in protein and packed with magnesium.
“Protein takes longer to digest, making almond butter a steady source of energy,” says UK nutritionist Marilyn Glenville. “Magnesium supports your nervous system and boosts… serotonin.”

Kaley’s smokin’ body overhaul!


The 30-year-old’s looking hotter than ever after finding the ultimate exercise for her curves. “Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body. I love being toned and having muscle… And I owe it 100 per cent to yoga,” says Kaley. “I go to a place called CorePower Yoga.

One morning I’ll take the Hot Power Fusion class, which is an amazing calorie burner. Or I’ll take a Yoga Sculpt class… Classes include 20 seconds of mountain climbing or jumping jacks between the poses, so I get cardio, too.”

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