Written by Melanie Burton, May 8, 2016
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The eating plan on everyone’s lips is chiselling the quirky model’s hips!

With a long, lean figure brands pay millions to slap their clothes on, it’s safe to say Cara Delevingne is babin’!

But while the ab-tastic stunner has always been lithe, Cara’s recent lifestyle overhaul has her looking fitter than ever – and it’s aided her quest to add “movie star” to her résumé!

“When I started looking after myself, that’s when I started getting acting roles,” says the Brit beauty, who hits screens later this year in comic-book blockbuster Suicide Squad.

So what’s her secret? Well, the former party girl gave up alcohol and revamped her diet with the help of celeb nutritionist Dr Philip Goglia, who’s all about minimising inflammation to maximise his A-list clients’ health.

How does it work?

Studies suggest eating certain foods can promote internal inflammation – which can be a major hindrance to losing weight. So to get slim, we need to keep it in check.

“Anti-inflammatory eating is about eating whole foods,” explains Australian accredited practicing dietitian Chloe McLeod. “It’s about a more plant-based diet, rather than eating lots of meat and processed foods. It’s about including healthy fats, herbs and spices, and also taking time and effort to prepare your food in a healthy way.”

What’s on the menu?

To improve her health, Cara, 23, started eating less of her beloved burgers and more whole foods. And she’s still allowed to scoff carbs – just not for dinner.

“Stay away from breads, muffins, bagels – anything inflammatory – and focus on one-ingredient starches like potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, oatmeal, oat flakes and oat puffs,” recommends Dr Goglia. “Those are your buddies to consume during the day, not at night – it’s an energy-source food.”

That leaves protein and healthy fats for the evening, so Cara’s body can turn them into action-hero muscle while she sleeps.

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