Written by Ally Sutton, September 4, 2016
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Despite her bank account, fanbase and award haul growing by the day, superstar Adele has been shrinking before our eyes!

The Hello singer has shed a whopping 14kg and she didn’t even need to quit wine to do it. Say what?!

“I’m not going to lose weight because someone tells me to,” she explains. You tell it, girl!


Adele admits, “I like myself more than ever.”

What’s her secret?

Word is Adele, 28, took to the sirtfood diet, which sees users eat ‘sirtuin activator’-loaded plant foods – sirtuin being a class of protein – which restrain the appetite and tell our bodies to quit storing fat.

Indeed, chowing down on these foods will “ramp up your body’s fat burning”, says dietitian Brooke Alpert, adding, “One of the attractions of the sirtfood plan is that it focuses on adding foods that are good for you.”

What can you eat?

The sirtfood diet sees Adele stock up on kale, walnuts, Medjool dates, celery, buckwheat, strawberries, rocket, turmeric, red onion, chillies, dark chocolate, coffee and red wine – meaning her nights out with buddy Jennifer Lawrence are part of her diet, too! Woo!

The catch?

While you can indulge in some pretty delightful dishes with Adele’s meal plan, you still need to watch your portion sizes, with Brooke suggesting not going above 6000kJ a day.

You can do this without missing out on indulgences simply by swapping a couple out with green juices (like the sirt juice, below) and protein shakes.

“It’s smart to incorporate indulgences so that people feel less deprived,” insists Brooke. And it seems vino fan Adele could not agree more!

Let’s see how easy it is…

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