Written by Melanie Burton, April 4, 2016

Backstreet’s back alright! Yep, after 20 years since the Backstreet Boys released their first album, Nick Carter has announced that the boy band are still well and truly alive!

ET caught up with Nick at the premiere of Dead7 on Friday, where he announced the band’s plans for a Las Vegas residency and a rumoured tour with the Spice Girls. #fangirling

Nick says the band has signed a deal with promoter Live Nation to test the waters for a long-term Vegas residency. “If it does really well, then I think that’ll open that door and then in future we’ll do it,” Nick told ET. “So that’s definitely going to happen but we’re going to do a trial run first.” Eeeeek, we’re so excited!

Although no venue has been set for the gigs yet, fans can expect a spectacular show with ALL the hits, and ALL five of the band members.

BB member Kevin Richardson also spoke to ET about the potential residency. He said that the band watched one of Britney Spears’ Vegas shows recently, and asked her how it was working out.”It seemed really convenient for the family!” he said. “A Vegas residency, now that we’re all fathers, could be very convenient for us… We won’t have to travel so much.”

But… prepare yourselves… he said that before they do any residency, there’s new music AND a world tour to complete! YEP, FOR REALS! “We’re definitely in the studio recording a brand new album,” Kevin said.

But the real question is, will the Spice Girls join the boys for a tour? “We put the invitation out there and the girls just gotta figure it all out,” Nick said.

Come on girls, you know it’s what you really really want!

The Backstreet Boys members talk to ET about their residency

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