Written by NW Staff, November 3, 2016

Beyonce gushed about her British pal Adele recently, admitting she loves to hang out with the “funny, gracious and humble” singer.

“It is so easy to talk to her and be around her. She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary.”

Queen Bey confessed, “The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight. She is a gracious woman and the most humble human being I’ve ever met.”


But besides her humour, the 35-year-old singer also praises the ‘Hello’ singers soulful voice. She told Vanity Fair that “When Adele sings you can hear that it’s coming from an unfiltered honesty and purity.” Before declaring, “She creates songs that go deep and expose pain and vulnerability with her soulful voice. She takes you places other artists don’t go to anymore — the way they did in the ’70s.”

And the admiration is mutual, as Adele, 28, has been a die-hard-fan of the former Destiny’s Child singer since she was 11 years old. #FANGIRL

The ‘Skyfall’ singer admitted “She’s my Michael Jackson, Queen Bey ’til the day I die.” The public admiration just keeps growing, with Adele posting this photo shortly after Beyonce released her latest album ‘Lemonade.’

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