Written by Melanie Burton, October 11, 2016
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The best makeovers on Australia’s Next Top Model were the ones that induces tears and tantrums. NW spoke to the girls who were hit the hardest.

Kassidy, 19


You had a bit of a meltdown during your makeover.

There were lots of tears… I’m just worried because it is so short. It’s such a drastic change, so it is quite upsetting to see a lot of your hair on the floor.

I struggle a lot with self-confidence and not being happy with how I look, so to have something like this happen really does take a toll. I’m worried about what my boyfriend will think, what my family will think, and is it going to actually help me as a model?

But, I’m just so grateful to be here – even though I am emotional and upset.

Were you surprised by your reaction to the makeover then?

[Watching the show as a fan] I always loved seeing the girls look different, but you don’t realise how big it is until you’re sitting here. You can dream it, but I never thought this would happen to someone like me.

Have you ever considered cutting your hair short otherwise?

I would never cut my hair this short, ever! I would have cut it into a bob, but I never would have done an actual shave. Never ever!

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