Written by Melanie Burton, September 22, 2016

It was the premiere of The Bachelorette last night, and woah some of those guys are intense!

They did their best with some killer first impressions though! From someone bringing a donkey with a sombrero, to a macaroni pasta bracelet – they didn’t disappoint!

Here’s five of the most memorable moments from last night’s ep…

1. Ben tells Georgia he did three nervous poos


That Ben guy though. Moments after walking up those steps to meet Georgia, he whispers in her ear, “I’ve done three nervous poos before I even got here.”


2. Carlos – in general


Carlos thought he was the bees knees. He’s an “entrepreneur” of a strip club, and has ladies lining up to date him – apparently.

He gifts Georgia with a Tiffany bracelet, and um calm the f down Carlos – you just met her!

3. Lee brings a donkey wearing a sombrero


OMG Lee’s already won guys, everyone else can go home. He brought a donkey to his meeting with Georgia, before asking her “Does my ass look big in this?” just after she said she loves puns. YASS!

4. Yoga-off


Rhys challenges the boys to a yoga-off. Ryan joins in so Rhys doesn’t look like a complete fool, but they both end up getting so carried away that they don’t even realise Georgia is standing there watching. AWKS!

5. Aaron & Rhys’s bromance


Seriously guys, it’s good that you get along and all, but YOU’RE HERE TO FIND LOVE. Even when Aaron is having a chat with Georgia, Rhys plonks himself down and joins in the convo.

Actually he just talks to Aaron, making Georgia awks AF as the third wheel. WTF GUYS.

6. Georgia shaves Clancy’s beard


Way to get a gal to remember you Clancy! Upon meeting G, he gives her a razor and tells her she can decide whether she wants him to keep his beard or not, and to find him later to shave it off!

And she did. And she made him look like Ron Burgundy and it was amazing.

Hello clean-shaven Clancy!