Written by Melanie Burton, July 28, 2016

In a scandalous move, 25-year-old Vintaea stopped the rose ceremony and walked out on Richie on the very first night, leaving the remaining Bachelorettes (and all of Australia) in complete shock.

We chatted to the massage therapist about what really went down on the night!

You made quite an exit! What prompted you to walk out on the night…

I had no expectation going into this, but when Richie and I started talking, I realised very quickly he wasn’t the guy for me.

You didn’t want to give it a chance to see if things progressed differently?

No. I knew in myself that he wasn’t right for me, and I didn’t need to wait for him to tell me.

Could Richie have convinced you to stay if he asked?

No, he was him and that’s all you could ask him to be. Our personalities would not be compatible and I knew that straight away.

So if Richie’s not for you, who is?

Denzel Washington!

Did you learn anything about yourself going on the show?

I realised I was stronger than I thought I was. A lot of women might have stayed even if they wanted to leave, but I had to go because he wasn’t right for me.

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