Written by NW Staff, September 1, 2016

From skinny dipping to drunk tennis, intruder Steph knew how to steam things up in the Bachie Mansion!

Unfortunately though, it seems things weren’t so steamy with the Bachie himself, Richie Strahan

Were you stoked to come in as an intruder?

Yep! The girls had drama before I got there, so I skipped that and came in at a really good point. It was hard though because less time with Richie, but in terms of being in the house and all the drama…

That drama being mostly Keira…

She’d make comments and I’d just laugh at her. I found it funny. She was so honest and she’d pick up on things that you wouldn’t even realise.

Was it intruders vs originals?

Yeah, at the start, definitely. We were like oh my god, this is their kitchen, can we eat their food? We did get to the point that we were like this is our house too.

How did you feel when you were given a rose over some of the originals?

I think I became more of a threat.


What’s the naughtiest thing you did in the house?

We’re doing naughty stuff all the time! I started a trend where Olena and I would go skinny dipping in the pool.

During the cocktail party, we would store our alcohol so when it finished we could continue to keep drinking. We had been playing tennis after it and I had been to the gym drunk too.

Wowza! Did you catch a feel of Richie’s muscles while you were at it?

Yep, I’ve done that. I’ve touched him. I’ve said a few cheeky things to him too, there might of been a few innuendos there sometimes.

So we’ve learnt that you and Alex knew each other before the show!

I only met her once or twice in clubs and stuff, so I didn’t really know her. It wasn’t until I got there that it really clicked.

I think I had only done one job with her before. But she came straight up to me and was like do I know you?!