Written by Melanie Burton, August 11, 2016

Demeter Stamell talks to Sasha about her time in the Bachie mansion, and why she REALLY ate her rose on the first night…


OK, first things first: why did you eat your rose on the first night?!

It was a very long day, we were very tired, we’d been shooting for many hours, it was very hot, and the roses were sprinkled with sugar.

I needed a bit of a sugar hit, so I started to lick my rose, and I nibbled it off with a bit of a rose petal. There’s nothing wrong with that!

There’s sugar on the roses?!

Yeah, it makes them a little bit prettier and helps them to last longer, so they stay up all night.

Interesting… Let’s talk about Richie. Was he the man you were looking for?

Um, no. No, unfortunately he was not my type, and I think that’s why we didn’t get a chance to get any chemistry happening.

So you couldn’t see a future with him, then?

It was tough for me to see a future with him after chatting with him for only a few minutes. I needed much more time!

The other girls were a little bit more straightforward, and were jumping at him whenever there was an opportunity, but for me, I needed more time

Why didn’t you just grab him then?

I wanted him to chase me, but he didn’t have a chance to chase me because he was being chased by 10 other girls! [Laughs]. I think it was my fault, because I was just sitting back and waiting for it to happen, I guess.


Credit: Mashable

So he didn’t take the time to try and forge a connection…

Yeah, I did feel a bit disappointed that he sent me home without giving me a chance. It is what it is.

Some of the girls have had a lot of time with him, but others, like you, not so much. How did everyone cope with that?

The girls who haven’t had dates yet are starting to get worried and nervous and anxious. But Richie repeatedly kept saying, “Don’t worry. Be patient. Your date is coming, I just can’t take you all on a single date.”

Some girls were jealous, but I wasn’t jealous.

Who do you think Richie will choose?

I think he’ll choose one of those blonde, beautiful girls, and she’ll be the winner.

Who do you think is the best girl for him?

I would choose myself. [Laughs] I think I would be the perfect catch, but, you know…

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