Written by Melanie Burton, August 24, 2016

There are zero-f***s given by Noni Janur. As she exited the Bachelor Mansion tonight, she told NW she forgot she was even on the show to be with him coz he paid her no attention.

Woah! Demeter Stamell goes in…

As if you got eliminated! Old mate never even gave you a single date!

Yeah, I was the only person that didn’t get a single date in the end! And there were girls that were getting, like, two single dates.

Even the intruders got a single date before me! It was quite hard, because it was a lot of pressure, and people were putting it in my head as to why I hadn’t got one.

I started questioning myself about it. Not having that time with him is kind of hard, especially with me being there for so long and not having that time with him. I didn’t know why I was still there.

Were you gutted?

There were times when I wanted to walk away, and I wasn’t as emotionally invested as all of the other girls.

I definitely wasn’t as invested as Nikki and Alex. They really, really like him and have really strong feelings for him, and I just didn’t have that.

So what made you stay?

I questioned myself a lot – everyday. I think all the girls do. It was like, “Do I want to do it?” We got along really well. We did have a really good connection.

So I thought, “Okay, maybe I’m here because he sees that and he doesn’t need to have a single date,” so I stayed a little longer.

Ahhh, so you don’t even know why he kept you around? Don’t you wanna shake the answer out of him?!

Yeah, I kind of want to know. But it doesn’t keep me awake at night not knowing.

It is interesting… I would like to know why I was around for so long. I guess he likes my company! [Laughs] That’s what I’m thinking!

The closest you did get to a one-on-one date with Richie was your three-way date with Rachael. And that was AWKS!

[Laughs] That was a complete disaster! [Laughs] I did feel a little bit like a third wheel because I didn’t know Richie on the scale that Rachael did.

She was just taking the piss a little bit, but I was a little bit of a third wheel.

I obviously wasn’t trying to impress him by spitting an oyster out! I was just being myself.

If he didn’t like it, then that’s totally fine… Probably because I didn’t swallow. [Laughs]

Given that you were all on the show to compete for Richie, what was the vibe like in the house?

It was just like a slumber party every night! It was just the funnest time. In the house, when Richie wasn’t there, I forgot about Richie! It was just like a girls trip away.

Did you feel the mood change when Richie showed up?

Oh, yeah! Definitely. It’s like if you hung a piece of meat in the middle of hyenas.

That’s what it would change to. It was like, hyenas lying in the sun, sunbaking, and then chuck some meat in there… That’s actually what happened

So who’s the biggest hyena?

I definitely think Alex or Nikki will win. You can just feel it. He does pay a lot more attention to those two than any of the other girls.

So it will be fireworks until the very end?

For sure. Someone is going to get their heart broken.

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