Written by NW Staff, August 17, 2016

Holy shit – we did not see this coming! Everyone was betting on Megan to win Richie’s heart, but in a shocking twist, the WA babe rejected his rose and walked out on the Bachelor.

What the EFF was going through her head? Well, we asked her…

OK, give it to us. Why did you walk out? We thought you were going to win!

I wasn’t seeing enough of Richie to be able to fall in love. We were about half way through at that point and I decided that it wasn’t really going to work for me, so I thought the best thing to do was to leave.

How long had you been thinking about leaving?

About a week… I was starting to lose feelings for Richie over the couple of weeks before I left and I didn’t feel like I was getting the time to talk to him about it.

I definitely didn’t leave in a way that was angry or hurt, I just wanted to do the right thing by myself and by Richie. I didn’t want to waste his time, my time or the girls’ time.

But he asked you to stay! Why didn’t you?

I didn’t decline the rose because I wanted him to convince me to stay. He did say, though, that he knew that I was the kind of girl that once I’ve made a decision, that’s it. I knew how I felt and I knew I wasn’t going to fall in love with him.

He would have been so confused – you two were getting along so well!

He was a bit shocked but I don’t think he was that hurt or upset; he had another 10 girlfriends there so I’m sure he was fine! [Laughs].


Why didn’t you take him away and tell him privately?

The rose ceremony is the time where the decision is made. That’s where Richie decides who he’s going to keep, and I felt like this was where I was going to make my decision.

It wasn’t thought out to a tee and I was thinking of waiting a bit longer, but the cocktail party was so chaotic and so out of my comfort zone that I just couldn’t be in that environment anymore. The competition and the drama isn’t me, it’s too distracting.

Also, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him at the cocktail party with all the other girls interrupting. I keep talking about time but, you know, there just wasn’t the time. I didn’t get to talk to Richie much so I didn’t really get to know him.

So you weren’t really that into him then?

Well, we were halfway through and I hadn’t even told the guy I’d been married before!

Could it have worked outside the Bachie Mansion for you two?

Definitely. From the first time I met him I thought he was my kind of guy but in the real world you spend time together and see what each other’s lifestyles are like, how they interact with the world.

I thought the show would be a great environment for love but for me it wasn’t, so maybe in another world but definitely not this one.

If you stayed, do you think you could have been the last girl standing?

It’s interesting watching the show and seeing him other girls because I don’t think I’m the girl for him. There are other women he has stronger chemistry with and I could see that in the house. So no I don’t think so – we’re not right for each other.

So who is right for him?

I think everyone would agree that Nikki and Alex are girls he quite likes, but I think there are a few other girls that will get more air time in the coming weeks that I think he will definitely start to fall for.