Written by Melanie Burton, August 31, 2016

She didn’t find lasting love on The Bachelor, but that won’t stop Kiki, 28, from settling down anytime soon.

The latest contestant to be given the boot says she’s ready for romance, and admits to Demeter Stamell that it simply wasn’t meant to be with Richie.

“It’s trial and error in order to find the person that’s meant for you,” she says. “I’m definitely ready. I’m in a really good place with myself. I know what I want and who I am.”

After stirring up some drama on the show following a few run-ins with Keira, Kiki says she loves all the girls. Yes, even Keira…

“I can honestly say that every girl I do like, and I will make an effort to stay in contact with them,” she says. “We’re all respectful to one another and we try not to step on anyone’s toes.”



Up next though, Kiki is determined to find her happily ever after.

“I would like to explore the world again, but with a partner,” she says.

“Then getting married and settling down and starting a beautiful family and saving up for a home. That’s the one thing I really want – a home that you live in together for quite a long time and you bring up your children there.”