Written by Melanie Burton, August 19, 2016

Her confidence and charisma was too much for Richie Strahan on The Bachelor, but Keira Maguire isn’t spending too much time sulking, she’s already got another plan in the works! Demeter Stamell goes in…

You were painted as the show’s resident villain….

It is what it is. Initially I was upset about it, and now I think it’s hilarious. They were clearly using me for entertainment value. It makes me laugh, and that’s all that matters really. [Laughs]

You definitely rubbed a few of the girls up the wrong way though!

I’m actually really good friends with all of the girls now, but while in the house, I probably didn’t get along with Rachael the most.

You became the most recognisable girl fast – were you expecting that?

To be honest with you, no. I had no idea. There were a few people saying mean things, but I get a lot of positive feedback when I go outside. Anyone that I bump into… I have people running after me, wanting to grab selfies. I’m trying to get a hold of it, but I kind of secretly love it at the same time.

Obviously your last date with Richie didn’t work out quite as you’d hoped.

Going into that date, I was still a little bit upset about the kangaroo suit. [Laughs] I still hadn’t gotten over it.


Keira was sent home on her single date with Richie

Why were you so mad about it ?

I know it sounds dramatic, but I don’t like fighting people, and I don’t like putting myself in a situation where I could get hurt or where I’m fighting another woman for a guy. I just don’t like it! It was really against my beliefs.

That, along with a lot of other things, I kind of just got to a point where I was really angry! And I felt like my anger was aimed towards Richie a little bit, which was not intentional, it was just because of the situation.

So back to the disastrous date…

I just felt like we weren’t vibing. He knew! We both knew what was going on, and we just decided we needed to move forward.

When you’re sitting there with someone, you know. You know what the vibe is, you know what’s happening, and I just wasn’t giving him what he wanted.

So you knew then that it wasn’t going to work out?

Yeah, I feel like we both knew, obviously. And that was the conversation that we had, which you only got to see him talking. [Laughs] You didn’t actually get to see me saying anything. I actually initiated that conversation. I said to Richie, “Do you really like me? What’s going on here?”

So who’s going to win this thing?

I don’t know who won, but I think Olena is definitely going to be up there. Good luck to her! In the house, she would never say anything. I didn’t even know she’d kissed him! So watching it on TV, I was like, “Oh. Very interesting…” [Laughs]

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Richie feeds a lot of the girls the same lines. Why do you think he did that?

In some situations he’s confident, but I think in front of the camera he’s very shy. I feel like a lot of the things he said… He did mean them, but it’s so hard!

You’ve got 22 women and they’re all beautiful. I don’t know! I don’t know what was going through his mind. I feel like he is a shy person. It is what it is.

Everyone has different ways of expressing and doing things, but he is a great guy.

You kicked off with Kiki and Noni quite a bit. What was going on there?

Kiki was pretty much Noni’s influence in the house. They were really close. We all talk and we all get along really well, but at the time, I found it very difficult to live with those two.

Did they egg each other on a bit?

Yeah, I feel like Kiki was an influence in Noni’s decision-making.

Would you ever go on the show again?

Probably not The Bachelor, but if it was the reverse, maybe… At least then I’d be in control!

By Demeter Stamell.