Written by Melanie Burton, August 25, 2016

She didn’t spend much time with Richie, but, believe it or not, intruder Sarah was devastated to be sent packing after she reveals to Demeter Stamell she saw a future with The Bachelor. Um, OK…

How was it coming in as an intruder?

It was a bit scary! It was a really daunting thing, not knowing who’s in the house and how they’re going to react.

Not knowing how much of a connection Richie had with the other girls and if I was just going in to get my heart broken.

What about meeting the girls?

I was really nervous! Obviously not knowing what sort of personalities were in there, it was really quite confronting. I was a bit scared at the start, but when I realised it was Richie, I was obviously excited to get to meet him.

You already knew all about Richie, right?

Yes, I did watch The Bachelorette. There were some lovely men on there, but Richie was one of my favourites, so it made it even more appealing to want to go on the show.

I thought he was just a genuinely nice, sweet guy. He was even more handsome in real life than on TV! [Laughs] He was just so sweet and gentleman-like and handsome. [Laughs]

Did you feel a spark with Richie?

Yeah, there was a connection. We got along really well, and he was somebody who I could really get to like. I found that I had a lot in common with him, and he had a great sense of humour, so I could definitely see potential there.

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So you saw a future there?

Yeah, definitely.

The night you entered the house, there was a big showdown between Keira and Kiki. What a night to enter!

It was pretty full on that first night! The girls were pretty high in emotions, and then Kiki and Keira had their little argument.

I was stuck in between that, so that was pretty full on. It was a little bit daunting. I thought for a sec, “What have I done? Why have I come in here?” [Laughs]

The girls obviously weren’t happy about your arrival…

I think they were a little bit shocked and intimidated at first. It is quite hard to deal with, so they were quite full on at the start, but I think once they got to know us, we blended into the house quite nicely.

How did it feel to be eliminated?

Sad. I just felt like he didn’t have enough time with me to really get to know me.

I think getting that single date is quite important, but I understand at the same time, he had a few connections with the other girls, and any time with me is potentially damaging another connection. So I was sad.

Out of the three intruders, it’s just Steph left now. Do you think she’s in with a good chance?

I hope so! He asked for a single date pretty soon, so I’m hoping they have a really good connection.


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